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Lots of New Books and Games are on Their Way

I have been very very busy getting all sorts of new shiny things out there.

The first being Pop Culture: A Guide to Getting Teens and Tweens to Read Through Movies, TV Shows and Video Games Which is out now!

In November at MACE we will see the Release of Davey Beauchamps Amazing Pulp Adventures RPG by Scaldcrow Games and Amazing Pulp Adventures the Short Stories Vol. 1

And shortly there after we will see the release of the Amazing Pulp Adventures Card/Board Game Paradigm: Sapphire City by Fox Hammer Press

Worlds of Pulp Kickstarter!

This is our new and improved Kickstarter for the Amazing Pulp Adventures RPG by Scaldcrow Games!

Redbubble Store for Amazing Pulp Adventure GPR T-Shirts

Here is a link to my Redbubble Store for Amazing Pulp Adventure and Gallifrey Pirate Radio T-Shirts.

Davison and MystiCon

Sylvester McCoy and MystiCon 2013


I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be doing the Guest of Honor Interview for Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor) for MystiCon 2013!

You can find out more about MystiCon by clicking MysticCon under Convention Schedule or by clicking below


UPDATES!!! Lots of them!

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It has been awhile since I updated I know bad author bad but I have a lot going on!

First of is a Kickstater

Which is also leading to new episode of Amazing Pulp Adventures Radio Show!


And I will also be writing for the YA Blog


I will also be updating my convection schedule as well. Lots of cool new things to show off.

Are you ready for ADVENTURE!?!

Are you ready for ADVENTURE? because anything You will have to wait till June to find out more! How is that for tease?

MLIS Stuffage

As you can see lots of stuff has been added about my time in the UNCG MLIS. I hope you enjoy it. I can see how I have grown and changed over the past 3 years.

Gallifrey Pirate Radio!

Lots of new videos have been post over at