Breastfeeding is a concept that is closely tied to human evolution. It is quite safe to say that humanity wouldn’t be where it is now without such a simple and natural practice. However, nowadays, with our modern life and our modernized surroundings, this very human habit is sometimes being put into question. So it is a much-needed refreshment every now and then to remind ourselves of all the healthy aspects of our mother’s milk.

First and foremost, there have been innumerable studies and experiments that have proven without a doubt that breast milk is like a health shield for the baby. It greatly reduces the risk of common disease like pneumonia, and notorious viruses such as the common cold. It will also be a solid protection against diarrhea and other gastrointestinal infections which can and have proven devastating especially in the developing world.

Breast milk is also extremely adaptable to each baby. It will contain all the elements that will help the baby become immune to whatever infections and/or deficiencies that the mother is exposed to and that could have been transmitted down by birth. Moreover, breastfeeding your baby will protect them from a host of serious chronic illnesses that appear later in life such as diabetes and celiac disease.

Nonetheless, the best thing you probably didn’t know about breastfeeding is that it is as beneficial to the baby as it is to the mother if not more. In fact, breastfeeding can strengthen a mother’s bone structure. This happens because a lactating mother’s body will consume lactose and calcium much more effectively therefore making the bones stronger than what they were during the pregnancy when they had to be strong enough to accommodate a whole other human being. And the list of benefits to the mother is still long. Breastfeeding will reduce the mother’s risk of premenopausal cancer as well as her liability to obesity. It will also sweep away up to 500 calories a day and give you a 100% natural and 99% effective contraceptive.

So all we’re saying is maybe think twice before going for formula instead of breast milk!